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Symptoms Of Impotence(Erectile Dysfunction)

In simple words, the symptoms of impotency  are: inability to have an erection, inability to maintain the erection, inability to penetrate the sexual partner, loss of or softening of  erections.

Impotence is a common condition in men characterized by a man's difficulty  in achieving and/or maintaining an erection, even when he is sexually aroused. Recent estimates have shown that as many as one out of ten men in North America  is impotent according to the above said definition. Since this condition was first recognized, the number of treatment options has increased considerably in recent years, with there now being a total of four orally administered drugs approved by the FDA. These drugs include popular erectile dysfunction pills Viagra, Cialis, Levitra as well as the latest addition to these drugs' options, Cialis Once a Day. But by using these prescription  drugs one would experience unpleasant side-effects that include blindness and heartattack.

Owing to the nature of this condition, men suffering  from erectile dysfunction  are often too embarrassed to talk about their problem with their own doctor or physician. As a result of this, it has been estimated that as many as nine out of every ten American impotent  men make no attempt to seek treatment. Rather they opt to suffer in silence instead of getting the medication they need to get their sex lives back.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction may  occur in males of all ages; however, the causes  may vary  in different age groups. Teenagers and young men would suffer due to anxiety as they are nervous about having sex. Middle age males generally suffer from Erectile Dysfunction due to being stressed, overworked or depressed. Impotency most commonly occurs in men who are post-middle age. Owing to the aging body, blood vessels in the penis start deteriorating and this affects the amount of blood reaching the penis.

ERECTA: Powerful Natural Herbal Libido Enhancer And Aphrodisiac

ERECTA is a natural herbal male libido enhancer and is regarded as Asia's most effective "Herbal Viagra". It induces intense sexual arousal whereas the invigorating sexual effects last for several days even in impotent men. ERECTA is absolutely 100% natural herbal aid; safe to stop erectile dysfunction. You can enjoy bulging, pulsating, vibrating, rock hard  erections by using it. Now you can experience mind-blowing, intense multiple orgasms and steel hard erections. ERECTA is chemical-free, drug-free, and free from side-effects. The sexually potent organic ingredients consist entirely of processed herbs. The powerful, natural mixture creates the ultimate sexual height.

If you take ERECTA, you do not need take any useless (sometimes dangerous) exercises. Exercise  can damage your male organ, but ERECTA will set your genital area right from inside. The benefits of using ERECTA are; firmer rock hard erections, boost in erectile power, improvement in prostate health and testosterone enhancement which no exercise  can give you. It also helps delay ejaculation. However, it is not a cure or treatment for premature ejaculation. To avoid premature ejaculation problem, please see our product PREJA on the the  top left of this page. Both the remedies, however, can be taken at a time.

If You Take ERECTA, You Can:


Experience Your Hardest Erection Ever

The incredibly powerful combination of energy-boosting herbs, and extremely potent natural aphrodisiacs stimulate blood flow to your male organ.

Sexual Tonic For Men

You will be amazed at the intense sexual excitement experienced from a mere touch, and thrilled at the delirious heights of passion, achieved when your tingling bodies are entwined.

ERECTA, The Amazing Supplement For Erectile Dysfunction

Many factors deplete energy, vitality, and libido levels, and cause impotence. Stress, aging, poor circulation of blood, diabetes, and kidney disease cause low testosterone levels and lack of sexual interest. ERECTA relieves  impotency with a combination of powerful stress-relieving herbs, and potent natural aphrodisiacs.

Female Libido Enhancer:

ERECTA is a herbal formulation and natural aphrodisiac for males and also has amazing effects on females. It increases the sex desire in women as well.

Would you like to have harder, firmer and longer lasting erections every time? Do you want to increase your libido and end erectile dysfunction/ impotence? If yes, ERECTA, NO.1 natural herbal anti impotence pills can do all this for you. You can end your erectile dysfunction by taking Erecta pills. More than one million men worldwide are grateful to us for helping them in curing their sexual debility. They say that we have saved their sex lives by making them real men and by ending their ED...


There are no known side-effects of Erecta. It is a 100% natural herbal formulation free of drugs, chemicals and steroids. It complies with international safety standards. Unlike prescription medicines, you would not experience any side-effects. However, if you are on any medication for some serious medical condition, check the ingredients with your doctor first.

What is the dosage?

One tablet with a glass of water, 1 hour before sexual activity or half to 1 tablet daily for 20 days to increase the sex power. In some cases two tablets can be taken at a time. If you want to continue to take ERECTA after 20 full doses, you should re-start after a gap 0f 2-3 days.

                       Important ! ! ! 
ERECTA  is a 100% herbal product, having no side-effects. It gives incredible erections in 30-45 minutes, but you should be mentally aroused. It gives no effect if you have no idea of making love. Taking light meal/dinner gives better results.

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Herbal remedies, which are classified under dietary supplements, are composed of processed or unprocessed elements such as plant barks, extracts and essential oils. Since they are considered  dietary supplements, they are not regulated by the FDA like drugs regulating agencies."Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition."

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